Precision has not come from nowhere!

We are your partners in the area of flat grinding and round grinding.
We can provide you with these features:
  • > Speed through flexible production planning
  • > Quality through 100% quality control
  • > Adherence to deadlines through continuous capacity planning
  • > Flexibility through flat hierarchies
  • > Precision through high technical competence
  • We can provide you with these features:
    • Fischer Maschinen GmbH has specialized in manufacturing complex single parts and small batches in the metal industry. If one thinks of components as they are used in the aerospace sector, the key word “precision” immediately comes to mind. Highly precise components can be produced while grinding, among others. We can take up this machining step for you. Fischer Maschinen GmbH is your contact partner whenever grinding is involved, be it round or flat grinding.

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